How It Works

A Simple, Easy-To-Use Process for Fast Transcription

Legal Transcription

1. Register Free

To get started, simply fill out an easy online form with your basic information, including name and e-mail address. This will have you established as a client in our system.

2. Quick and Easy Dictation Submission Options

Once you have signed up, you can submit an existing dictation you've recorded, either by e-mail or through our web form, or record a new dictation using our telephone-based dictation tool.


If you choose to use the telephone dictation tool, you will call a phone number and enter a personal code. Think of it as a private inbox; this is where you will record all of your dictations. After dialing in, you will use the keypad on any telephone (including cell phones) to record your dictation. You can record, pause, playback, rewind - anything you can do with a Dictaphone you can do with your telephone. If you choose to use our dial-in telephone dictation system, just CLICK HERE for full instructions.

3. We Transcribe and Proof Your Dictation

Once you have submitted your dictation, the system will alert our secretaries. They will retrieve and type your dictation in the format you requested (brief, letter, pleading, etc.) Once typed, they will go over and proof, line by line, to ensure your document is accurate and error-free.

4. Receive Your Transcription by E-Mail

Once complete, we will send your transcription by e-mail as a Microsoft Word document.